About the Council

Chair: Anette Storgaard,

Executive Secretary: 
Mette Tønder,
Aarhus Universitet, Juridisk Institut
Bartholins Allé 16
8000 Aarhus C


Purpose and Activities

The purpose of the Council is to further criminological research within the member countries and advise the Scandinavian governments and the Nordic Council on issues related to criminology. The Council awards research and travel grants, arranges seminars and publishes a journal in English.

The Council also publishes reports from its seminars, a newsletter ten times per year in Scandinavian languages that is available on-line and an annual report.


The Council consists of 15 members, three from each country, nominated by the national Ministries of Justice. Two members from each country are acknowledged criminologists, while the third represents the Ministry of Justice. The Chair of the Council rotates every three years between the Nordic countries. The daily administration is carried out by a secretariat located in the country of the chairperson.

The secretariat is situated in Iceland for the period of 2010-2012.


Chairs of the Council 1962 - present day

2013-                      Anette Storgaard, Denmark

2010- 2012           Ragnheiður Bragadóttir Iceland  

2007-2009  Per Ole Johansen  Norway

2004-2006  Jerzy Sarnecki  Sweden

2001-2003  Kauko Aromaa  Finland

1998-2000  Flemming Balvig  Denmark

1995-1997  Hildigunnur Ólafsdóttir  Iceland

1992-1994  Liv Finstad  Norway

1989-1991  Torbjörn Tedéen  Sweden

1986-1988  Patrick Törnudd  Finland

1983-1985  Ulla Bondeson  Denmark

1979-1982  Nils Christie  Norway

1974-1978  Knut Sveri  Sweden

1968-1973  Inkeri Anttila  Finland

1965-1967  K.O. Christiansen  Denmark

1962-1964  Johannes Andenæs  Norway

Ragnheiður Bragadóttir
Ragnheiður Bragadóttir
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